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Medikal borrowed car.AMG rapper Medikal has come under several bashing on social media after he flaunted his newly acquired Range Rover.

According to Medikal, he only bought the Range Rover because he was just bored and decided to waste some cash to prove that money means nothing to him.

medikal borrowed car

But a netizen came out and lashed out at him saying he had gone to borrow the car from a celebrity car dealer known as Kelly Bright who manages Kelly B Motors.


Well, the said car dealer has come out and rubbished the claims stating that Medikal has never borrowed any car from him.

Medikal borrowed car?

Here is the fact

According to Kelly Bright, he bought two cars for Medikal thus the Range Rover and a Benz which the rapper has fully paid for those cars.

He further warn all those people speaking ill about the rapper to desist from that since he(Medikal) is filthy rich and dosted.

Watch video here

Ghspeaks: Brief info about Medikal

He comes from Sowutuom, a town in the suburb or Accra in Ghana. Medikal and Sarkodie had the highest nominations for the 2017 edition of the Ghana Music Awards In 2018, he was on the Tim Westwood Show. Medikal attended his high school at Odorgonno Senior High and is the son of James Frimpong and Portia Lamptey. Samuel adopted the name Medika because he was fascinated with rapping about doctors, surgeons, medical practitioners and hospitals in general. He has made a name for himself in the music industry through hard work and his numerous collaboration with successful artists. Apart from is nominations in 2017, he won the best discovery video in the MTN 4Syte Video Award in 2016


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