Looking for a way to make money on YouTube without creating videos? This post will basically address your problem.  without filming or creating any video You can start making money on YouTube with the simple tutorial in this post.

We all know how stressful it is, to film, edit and make a YouTube video the is very much appealing to your subscribers.  What if you can actually re-upload videos that are already on YouTube?  That will be cool right,  I’m going to teach you how you can actually re-upload videos that are already on YouTube and start making money with them instantly.

It is true YouTube has harsh policies that actually forbids individuals from copying order publishers videos and uploading them onto their channels,  however, rules are made to be broken and YouTube didn’t hesitate at all to break the rule they created.


Make money on YouTube without Creating Videos

I will teach you how you can actually download videos that YouTube has labelled for reuse known as common creative.  videos labelled as common creative on YouTube can be reused on any platform without copyright strike from the original publisher.   

why should common creative exist,   well the advancing nature of sharing information can not progress if information is not allowed to be shared from person to person.  YouTube recognised the importance of sharing information via videos,  they created the opportunity for videos to be labelled common creative which allows the videos to be reused on any platform without copyright infringement strike from the original publisher.   once you agree to the common creative terms while uploading a YouTube video your video and be reused for informational purposes.

How to Download YouTube videos onto your Device

Make money on YouTube without Creating Videos
Make money on YouTube without Creating Videos

it is really difficult to directly download YouTube videos onto your device however as technology advances easier and simpler ways have emerged for tackling this issue, I’m going to share just two ways with you.

Third party websites

To download YouTube videos without stress, head over to some websites that actually perform this task for you for free.

Third-party softwares

you can also use third-party software like internet download manager, vidmate, etc to download YouTube videos onto your device.

Now that I’ve taught you how to download YouTube videos onto your device let’s look at how you can do some simple addition to these videos before uploading.

 There are two important things you should always do to your videos before uploading them back onto the YouTube platform.

Change the tThumbnail Image

Preview images give the visitor an impression of what your video is about,  it is important to change this thumbnail image for your new video before uploading again onto the YouTube platform.  this helps uses to differentiate between your video and other videos in the system, a very nice image as a preview for your video will definitely increase the click-through rate of your video.

Change description

Again give a vivid description to the video before you upload onto YouTube, take enough time to write a meaningful description for the downloaded before uploading onto the YouTube platform, descriptions make it easier for users to understand the information you are sharing in your video, remember to include keywords that are related to your video in the description to help in search engine optimisation.


Once you do these things you can go ahead and upload your video to YouTube,  monitor the analytics of the video and you will be shocked to see earnings without even creating or filming a video yourself. Make money on YouTube without Creating Videos

Share your experience whiles using the tutorials with us below! lets know your problems and suggestions too.


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