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Did Lili Elbe transition from male to female? This controversial transgender woman was born on December 28, 1882 in Dresden, Germany, and died in the late 1930s. She was assigned a male sex at birth, but felt gender dysphoria and sought surgery to change her sex. In 1933, she had the world’s first documented sex reassignment surgery and began using the name Lili.

In 1933, the King of Denmark invalidated Lili’s marriage to Gerda, her biological father. After the gender confirmation surgery, she married a new male fiance. Tragically, Lili Elbe died from tissue rejection after the final surgery, which was completed the following year. In the meantime, she had already become engaged to an art dealer, but was unable to marry him. This incident caused her life to be documented and celebrated in books and movies.

The movie, Lili Elbe, is based on the life of Lili Elbe, a pioneering transgender. She was assigned a male gender at birth, and was subsequently labelled as a boy until she became aware of her true gender identity. However, she was believed to be intersex, and her doctor suspected she had two X chromosomes, which led to the traumatic medical treatment she endured.



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