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If you’ve ever wondered what it would have been like to undergo gender transition surgery, you’ll be glad to know that Lili Elbe before surgery photos exist. In fact, she has the only known photograph of herself in her new form. But what were her thoughts and feelings before she underwent the procedures? What was her life like before these surgeries? And how did she deal with all of these issues? Read on to learn more about Lili Elbe’s journey to gender transition.

During her lifetime, Lili Elbe underwent four major experiments on her body. She was castrated, had her ovaries transplanted, and underwent unspecified procedures. Although she had many surgeries, she remains a fascinating figure. The story of Lili Elbe remains a controversial one – the Nazis even banned her biopic film The Danish Girl for its “depravity”. The documentary is a testament to the courage and commitment that the woman had for her gender change.

As a result of her treatment, she was able to become a mother for the first time. In 1931, she underwent womb transplant surgery with a surgeon who used an antibiotic called ciclosporin. This medicine prevented the body from rejecting the new organ. But the drugs were not yet perfected, so Elbe fell ill again. Nevertheless, she never stopped dreaming and writing about her new life as a woman.


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