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In the recent season of “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars,” four women were crowned as the winners. Among them was Kylie Sonique Love, who won the second and sixth seasons. This young transgender woman was thrown into the army when she was young, because she was deemed to be too feminine. Once she learned that she was trans, she decided to pursue her dream of becoming a drag queen.

Before her surgery, she had already made headlines for her new appearance. The reality show’s first trans contestant, Sonique, competed in Season 2 as a male and later transitioned to become a woman. After completing the series, she returned to the show as a woman and won the show’s All-Stars competition. Fans are eager to see what her new look will look like.

Although Kylie has yet to share her post-surgical photos with the public, fans can view her before and after surgery photos online. Before surgery, Kylie Sonique Love had been a male. She was a finalist for the season two and Season six of Drag Race All-Stars. She remained male until the finals, and subsequently transitioned into a woman. Then she returned as a female and won the competition.


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