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Kate Mulgrew’s Captain Janeway Will Return in ‘Star Trek Prodigy’ – Review Geek-GHsitemap

We already knew that Nickelodeon is working on an animated Star Trek series dubbed Prodigy. Unlike Lower Decks, this sounds like a more serious affair, although still aimed at children. But now there’s a reason for adults to watch too—Captain Janeway is back, complete with original actress Kate Mulgrew.

The news comes through Star Trek’s New York Comic Con panel, and we couldn’t be more excited. We last saw Captain Janeway in at the beginning of Star Trek Nemesis, where she was now serving as an admiral after finally getting her crew home from the Delta quadrant.

Kate Mulgrew, who originated the role, showed up to the panel to help announce the news. We don’t know yet if Prodigy occurs before or after the events of Voyager; we could meet a younger, more green version of the character.

Prodigy itself tells the tale of a group of children who have absconded with a derelict Star Fleet ship, which sounds a bit like Space Cases at first glance. If you’re looking for other new Star Trek properties to watch now, you have your pick between DiscoveryPicard, and Lower Decks, not to mention the upcoming Strange New Worlds series.

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