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Just In: Government Must Stop Announcing Our Monetary Issues Worldwide-Concerned Teachers

Teachers all over Ghana must revoke and denounce this practice by governments announcing our monetary issues worldwide.
Any time teachers are being given incentives or incremental jump in salary everybody hears about it.
This publicity of teachers being given ¢100 a month totaling ¢1200 per year going viral and being widely broadcast every where on TV, Radio etc is very UNACCEPTABLE.

There are so many INSTITUTIONS in Ghana whose employees receive mega allowances and other incentives which are some times bigger than their salaries and yet nobody hears about it.
In this country Ghana, some workers receive salaries that when I personally see, I become dumbfounded.
Recently, salaries of some workers in other SECTORS were in circulation and one will wonder whether we are working for Ghana.
Sometimes, I personally hear some workers take-home or better still NET salary and I marvel.

Government Must Stop Announcing Our Monetary Issues Worldwide

Government Must Stop Announcing Our Monetary Issues Worldwide
Government Must Stop Announcing Our Monetary Issues Worldwide

Then how come some professionals take as much as 4times to 10 times the salary a teacher takes and it’s not in the public domain.

But any time teachers are given an increment of ¢100, less or more, it will be in the news for the whole world to know that the Ghanaian teacher is receiving this amount.
What about those who take sitting, clothing, nights allowances of more than ¢100 cedis?
Who hears of it?
Some Ghanaian workers sleep in 5star hotels which cost about $500 a night minus food and such a worker still takes allowances of more than ¢100 for a night?

So why on earth should a teacher’s motivation allowance of ¢100 a month be announced worldwide?
Colleagues if we have been quiet for long then this is a wake up call for us.
Enough is enough.
This announcement of our money intake should stop.

Please our teacher Unions take a second look at this and curb this for our noble profession.
If other sectors employees monies will be put in the public domain then same must apply to teachers.
But if other sectors monetary issues are silent then the teachers monetary issues must be silent as well.

Teachers only matter during elections… Teachers should stop doing donkey work for these “politrickians”. As a teacher, you should always respect yourself and stop taking part in unnecessary activities like EC “jobs for the boys and girls”, NIA registration and others. That is why teachers are not respected in this country. Stay in the classrooms and teach. Add value to yourselves. You can equally become an MP, an MCE, or better still quit when you plan well.

Teachers are not respected in this country. These politicians should learn from Canadians on how teachers are treated in Canada… Shame on teachers who go in for peanuts and when you get into trouble, no one is ready to talk for you as a teacher in this country. Shame.

Because we all grow the economy of Ghana together
Colleagues please read and forward to the last teacher to comment.

NB: An article cited by on a telegram page.

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