Jeopardy champion Amy Schneider becomes the first woman to Eran $1 million+ on the show

The formidable contestant now joins Ken Jennings, James Holzhauer, and Matt Amodio in the Jeopardy millionaire’s club.

Jeopardy has made another millionaire.

Champion Amy Schneider surpassed $1 million in wins on the latest episode of the show’s quiz show becoming the fourth contestant in addition to being the first woman champion to achieve this feat during an ongoing winning streak during the regular season.


“It feels incredible It’s odd,” Schneider said in an interview. “It’s not an amount of money that I had ever thought to be in my personal name.”

The first contestant to reach this level was the current Jeopardy host and current the most successful winner Ken Jennings, who congratulated Schneider on her 28th win during the show.

Amy Schneider has become the fourth contestant from ‘Jeopardy’and the first woman to earn more than $1 million. Credit: JEOPARDY PRODUCTIONS

Schneider’s victory comes in an incredible run of winners on Jeopardy. It took over 10 years for another contestant to reach 1 million following Jennings — James Holzhauer finally did so during his incredible winning streak in the year 2019however, two contestants have hit it in just six months. In the past, Matt Amodio racked up more than $1.5 million during his legendary 38-game winning streak, breaking the million-dollar mark in September.

Schneider’s total for the season is at $1,019600, which is fourth among the show’s top-earning champions following Amodio, Holzhauer, and Jennings. They are alone as Jeopardy champions who earn greater than $2.5 million outside of tournament games which are $2,462,216 and $2.520,700 and $2,520,700 respectively. (Even not including Jeopardy events, Schneider hasn’t yet become the 5th millionaire of the show’s history. The five-game Champion Brad Rutter netted more than $4 million over many years of tournament play.) Should Schneider finish next week as Jeopardy champion, she’ll surpass Holzhauer’s streak to become the third-longest-running winner of all time.

Alongside those achievements, Schneider is the first openly transgender Jeopardy contestant to make it to Jeopardy’s Tournament of Champions. Schneider and Amodio are expected to meet in the finals in the coming year, and a game that will surely be an exciting game show on TV.


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