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Jamie Raines Before Surgery Photos

Jamie Raines, a trans man from Colchester, Essex, began his physical transition at the age of 17 and has been documenting his journey ever since. In 2012, he started taking daily selfies to track his facial transformation, and has now documented it in 1,400 before and after pictures. In addition to taking a daily photo, he has also made a time-lapse film showing his transformation over a period of three years. The pictures show a gradual change in the shape of his face, from a sexy teen to a handsome man.

The YouTuber was initially identified as a male when he was four years old, but he only realized he was transgender when he was 17. He began taking testosterone treatments when he was 17, and he also started taking selfies with friends and family to document his progress. He went to the doctors in 2015, and seven months later, he underwent surgery and a hormone therapy. His transformation has gained international attention and a new documentary series is being produced by Channel 4 about his experience.

The revealing photos have captured the public’s attention, and Jamie has been updating his social media accounts to share the results of his surgery. The photos have also been the subject of speculation due to the controversy surrounding his decision to undergo the procedure. However, the reality is more complex than that. The first year following the surgery, Jamie and his new partner Shaaba Lotun were best friends before their transition. In addition to the new life, they also became partners in the Channel 4 documentary “Born in the Wrong Bodies”.


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