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Is Teddy Geiger Transgender?

Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Teddy Geiger has opened up about her transition and her past struggles with identity. She was born a male and publicly identified as a male until last fall. Although she’d always known she was different, she never felt comfortable expressing herself as a woman in public. She lacked the role models and experiences that transgender people usually have in teen years.

In September 2017, Geiger sought treatment for anxiety and decided to “get to the bottom of this gender thing” based on her own experience. She subsequently came out as transgender and underwent treatment. Today, she is completely comfortable with her identity and uses it as an inspiration for her work. As a result, it is clear that she has a strong sense of self. And as she grows older, she will continue to explore her identity in her art, even if that means exploring a new side to her personality.

A longtime advocate of transgender identity, Teddy Geiger first came out in October 2017 after years of struggling with his gender. He was marketed as a teen sex symbol when he released his debut album. He then ventured into acting with a supporting role in 2008’s The Rocker. His desire to be seen as a feminine person forced him to make changes in his life. In May 2017, he made his first public appearance as a woman in a music video. His new image has become more inclusive since he’s come out as a trans woman.


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