Is Sophie Xeon Transgender?

Earlier this year, transgender model and Grammy Award nominee Sophie Xeon died in a tragic accident while climbing a Greek mountain. Known as SOPHIE, she was killed when she slipped while she was watching the full moon. She was born as a male, but embraced her new identity in a 2017 video. The actress worked with famous artists, such as Madonna and Charli XCX, but the media still cannot decide what caused her death.

The death of Sophie Xeon has sparked debate on the issue of transgender rights. She was the first openly transgender woman to win the Grammys. Her death was the result of a tragic accident. She was just 34 years old when she was killed. Although many people questioned her sex identity, Sophie Xeon’s family said that it was not a suicide but an accident.

In 2011, a non-binary model named Tzef Montana dated Sophie Xeon. She had a long career in music management before she decided to pursue her modeling career. She had appeared in numerous music videos and walked for Eckhaus Latta and Hardeman. In 2018, she was a part of a Charli XCX music video. So, is Sophie Xeon transgender or not?



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