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Is Jenna Talackova transgender or a bisexual? The question arose after the Miss Universe contest, where she was disqualified for being a transgender woman. The controversial actress, who was born a boy, went through hormone therapy at age 14 to become a woman, but has since come out as a transgender woman. She has not tried to hide her identity or her past.

According to reports, Talackova has been living as a woman for nearly two decades. She was born a male named Walter and identified as female by the time she was four. Then, at age 14, she began taking hormones to become a woman. She then had surgery to change her sex at age 19. She has a boyfriend and hopes to have two children someday. The model hopes to one day become a model for the Victoria’s Secret or Sports Illustrated.

While the public’s perception of the transgender beauty queen is often confused with her beauty pageant and appearance, many people believe she is an out-of-the-box transgender. While her birth certificate does not reflect her sex, she has a driver’s license and birth certificate that show her gender identity. She was accompanied by Gloria Allred, a prominent advocate of women’s rights. In addition to her appearance in the Miss Universe competition, she has received many modeling requests. Her latest photo shoot was for the Brazilian Ball in Toronto, where she was dressed up as a samba dancer. She has been invited to participate in the Carnival parade in Rio de Janeiro.



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