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Is Jamie Raines transgender? The 21-year-old transgender man is making waves on YouTube with his transformation and self-documented transition. The former teen-ager started taking hormones to transition at the age of 18, when he began dating his best friend Shaaba Lotun. After a mastectomy at age 18, Raines started using the new name and documented the entire process in a three-year photo series, which he then posted on Tumblr. Now, the Transgender YouTuber has an aspiring career and plans to adopt a child.

In the past, rumors have circulated about Jamie’s transition, but they remain unconfirmed. The YouTuber has openly spoken about his experience of gender transition, and has been candid about it on social media. In addition to his girlfriend, Raines has a boyfriend named Shaaba. He has also opened up about his new identity on Tumblr. The YouTuber has even been outed on social media, and he has a new girlfriend named Shaaba.

The 21-year-old YouTuber has been using testosterone to transition since 2016. He regularly posts photos on social media, which have allowed people to see the transition in real time. He is a transgender man who is open about his transition on YouTube. He’s also an open book about his experiences on the social media platform. If you’re curious about Jamie’s life after transition, you can read more about his transformation and follow his progress on the website.



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