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The actress and model Indya Moore was once a victim of bullying and harassment, but she has come out as transgender and is now starring in FX’s Pose. Indya was once a child who was bullied, but she has now become a beloved star on television. She was once bullied, and has recently starred in the show ‘Pose.’ Indya also uses the pronouns they/them.

Despite her fame, Indya has never hidden the fact that she is transgender. She was outed as a transgender person during a documentary about the AIDS crisis, and she is the daughter of immigrants. As a child, Indya was forced to flee her parents’ home, and she spent a year in foster care, where she was abused and raped. Her parents did not approve of her transition, and she was offered money to purchase hormone replacement therapy. Eventually, she found herself on the streets, and Indya Moore was homeless. Her experiences in foster care were so devastating, she spent most of her life in the Bronx, which she called a “melting pot.”

Despite the stigma of transphobia, Indya Moore has overcome adversity by opening her social media accounts and making herself accessible to fans around the world. She has even created her own social network for her fans, which is a testament to her dedication to raising awareness about trans issues. While she is not a transgender person, she’s a proud and active member of the LGBTQ community.



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