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Gia Gunn, a star of RuPaul’s Drag Race, has come out as transgender. She announced her transition to her Instagram followers on Transgender Visibility Day and has been undergoing hormone replacement therapy for over a year. While RuPaul’s comments about transgender people were controversial, Gia Gunn has come out and spoken about her transition on her show. Earlier this month, the actress tweeted that she will be a woman and will stop wearing a male genitalia wig.

She announced her transition to the public in February, and later corrected her birth certificate, which has been cited as proof of her gender identity. But the question remains, is Gia Gunn transgender? She has not made any official announcements, but she has made it clear that she is. In addition to her official announcement, Gia Gunn has given numerous interviews in which she has discussed her transition and her sexual orientation.

The former Miss Roscoe’s beauty pageant queen has come out as transgender on Trans Visibility Day. She also said that her drag mother Aly Gunn is a trans woman and considers her adoptive mother Aly Gunn. She also has a drag daughter named Jake Warden. The former drag queen was the first contestant to be booted off of Fashion Photo Review after revealing her gender identity.



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