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In 2011, Bono announced his intention to transition from male to female, revealing details of the procedure on his Becoming Chaz tour. Despite the new ‘Chaz’ stage name, Bono is continuing his acting career and recently starred in the film Reboot Camp. The movie is rated R and contains mature language. Throughout the film, he discusses his experiences as a trans man and his struggles with his identity.

The question of whether or not Chaz Bono is transgender was first raised by the actor’s fiancee, Elia. The two met shortly after Bono announced his decision to transition. Although both suffered from substance abuse, they continued to date after his gender change. In 2008, Bono began taking testosterone. In 2011, he said his relationship with Elia was “fabulous.” He also opened up about the difficulties that he faced when transitioning.

During his press tour, Bono was set to appear on the Oprah show and David Letterman, among many other notable TV appearances. Since then, the LGBTQ+ community has come a long way, and Chaz’s transition has helped to reaffirm the equality of people of all genders. The LGBTQ+ community has made great strides since Bono’s transition, and the trans community has made some progress in that area.



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