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Is Charlie Jane Anders transgender? This is a popular question among fans of Anders’ writing. Anders has been out and proud of her trans identity for many years, but it isn’t widely known that she’s trans. The writer has been married to Annalee Newitz since 2000 and has two daughters. She is the co-author of a number of novels, a website and a podcast.

Anders is a bisexual American author who has published many works of fiction. She co-founded the science fiction blog io9, and in 2013 her novel Six Months, Three Days was picked up by NBC. In 2014, Anders signed a deal with Tor Books and acquired two novels. In 2015, she was named a finalist for the Theodore Sturgeon Award, and her work is viewed with curiosity.

While living in San Francisco, Anders immersed herself in the city’s vibrant cultural scene. She worked for a bisexual magazine called Anything That Moves and wrote articles for it. While there, she also published in small magazines and helped out at the Folsom Street Fair booth. Her work is now widely available, and she continues to publish and speak about her experiences. So, is Charlie Jane Anders transgender?

Is Charlie Jane Anders transgender? This question is often asked by fans. In her interview with Wired, Anders calls herself a realist, describing her writing as “not techno-utopian.” Her recent book, Victories Greater Than Death, is set in a future world where climate change has wiped out civilizations and displaced human populations. It’s a dystopian future, but it’s a bleak one.


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