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Is Caroline Cossey Transgender?

The British model was born as Caroline Cossey in 1951. She was known by the alias Tula and was an extra in the James Bond film For Your Eyes Only. She became famous for being the first transgender person to appear in a playboy magazine. In 1981, the News of the World published a story that outed her as a trans woman. Her struggle for equality and legal recognition led her to fight for recognition as a woman.

The transgender model, born as Barry Cossey, began hormone therapy at the age of seventeen. The actress subsequently found work as an usherette in London. After a year, she landed a role as a showgirl in Rome and Paris. However, in 1986, she was outed as transgender by tabloid News of the World. After receiving an offer for a role in a James Bond film, Cossey hid her identity and began saving for the surgery.

In 1991, Cossey became the first transgender model to appear on a cover of Playboy magazine. In the 1970s, she appeared in fashion magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar and Australian Vogue. In the 1980s, she landed a role in the James Bond movie For Your Eyes Only. The tabloid News of the World “outed” her and she was able to work as an actress.


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