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Is Candis Cayne transgender? Many people are asking this question. The actress was born Brendan McDaniel, but transitioned from male to female in the late 1990s. Before her transition, she was known as Candis Cayne. Before her transition, she appeared in a drag show called Wigstock and starred in a music video for RuPaul’s Drag Race.

At age 16, Cayne moved to New York and began her career as a drag dancer. She performed in the famous Boy Bar in Manhattan and at Tour in Chelsea. She also participated in the famous Wigstock drag festival, made several appearances in the Stonewall film, and choreographed a number of drag shows. After three years in the city, Cayne finally came out as transgender and revealed that she had always been a woman.

Before she began her acting career, Cayne landed a role on the hit television show CSI: NY. Her character was a lesbian who drowned in the ladies’ room. Her story has received acclaim since, as she has won awards and accolades from all over the world. She has since gone on to write a memoir and has also penned several books.


After she came out as a transgender woman in the early 90s, she became famous for her drag performances. She has been acting in drag since the mid-1990s. The actress remained a secret from the public until she went on to come out as a woman. Her role on the ABC comedy show Dirty Money helped her gain national attention and became the first ever transgender actor in primetime television.


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