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Is Alex Blue Davis transgender? The actor’s breakthrough came with the hit US drama Navy CIS. The show is produced by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) and filmed in Washington, D.C. until September 2011. However, Alex Blue’s trans identity was only revealed when he was an adult, after he came out to his parents. He has been appearing in several TV shows including Two Broke Girls, NCIS, and Grey’s Anatomy.

The actor is a prolific actor who started his career as a singer and songwriter. After writing for television, he began landing small roles in TV shows like NCIS and Two Broke Girls. He landed his first series regular role in the role of Dr. Casey Parker on Grey’s Anatomy. This role is notable because it’s the first trans man to appear in a recurring, series-recurring role.

While his parents were supportive of his transition, they were still unsure about his decision to come out. They felt that they were being mistreated in the Hollywood industry. They were right to tell the industry about the unfair treatment of trans people, but Alex Blue Davis kept most details of his life a secret. Nonetheless, the actor recently married Miranda Kate Russo, a writer and former fashion model. The couple has three daughters.



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