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” I dey go settle matter come ” 11 photos showing Nigerians recent popular slogan

I dey go settle matter come

Nigerian Pidgin is commonly used throughout the country, but it has not been granted official status.

In 2011, Google launched search interface in Pidgin English; “Effect of Nigerian Pidgin English”. In 2017, BBC started services in Pidgin, BBC News Pidgin.

Many of the 250 or more ethnic groups in Nigeria can converse in the language, though they usually have their own additional words. For example, the Yorùbás use the words Ṣebi and Abi when speaking Pidgin. They are often used at the start or end of an intonated sentence or question: “You are coming, right?” becomes Ṣebi you dey come? or You dey come abi?

Another example is the Igbos adding the word Nna, also used at the beginning of some sentences to show camaraderie: For example, Man, that test was very hard becomes Nna mehn, that test hard no be small. Another Igbo word in pidgin is Una, derived from the Igbo word Unu which means the same thing: “you people”. For example, “Una dey mad” in Pidgin English translates to “You people are crazy” in English. The Igbo word “Unu” has also found its way to Jamaican patois, and it also means the same thing as in Nigerian Pidgin

“I dey go settle matter come”

The latest word that has gotten precedence in pidgin is “I dey go settle matter come”, which means I am going to settle a case. This became popular on social media where people post funny videos or pics and caption “I dey go settle matter come so no vex if I no reply”. Below are some of the images .

Video: I dey go settle matter come


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