How to Start A Digital Marketing Company in Ghana

Here is a simple Guide for Ghanaian youth planning to venture into Digital Marketing.

Steps to Start A Digital Marketing Company in Ghana

The first thing you need to do is go and find companies that need Digital marketing. You go online and find companies that you can help.

Now that you found a list of companies that you can potentially help, I want you to go through their website and really look at it and be like, What is wrong with their site? what can you do to help Them?


Don’t just say oh I can help them with their SEO, I can help them with their paid ads. I want you to really break down everything that they’re doing wrong and how to fix it,

The more detailed you are, the better off you’re going to be.

If you don’t get enough details, this isn’t going to work. Eliminate all of the companies your that list that you can’t provide
enough feedback for.

If you can’t provide pages of feedback on some errors the companies have on their sites, you’re not going to do well.

You need to break all issues about potential problems you saw on this companies websites down, so that it much easy get insight on the problems.

When they get a get convincing insight, they’re much more likely to hire you.

I want you to email the CEO, the founder of that company, or the head of marketing services and breaking down everything that they’re doing wrong. And at the end, even tell them you want to help their bussines grow.

Send detailed emails saying

You don’t mind working something out and helping you the grow their bussines online presence.

If you send five of those emails, you’ll get one to two
If you’re not getting customers, that means
you’re not sending it out to the right people

you’re wasting your time emailing them.

Also on that note, when

you’re emailing them, you need to keep following up as well

Do whatever it takes to make sure that they read and see that document.
you’ll find that some people will be offended, some people will like you, and some people will hire you.

But it really one to two out of five companies that will hire you as long
as you’re sending out really Good emails.

The email doesn’t have to be pretty, doesn’t have to have all
these crazy cool graphics. It can just be basic emails breaking down what they’re doing wrong and how to fix it.

And when you lay it out step by step, where they can do it
without even hiring you, they’re more likely to hire
you because they’re like, oh, you’ll send me everything. I trust him.

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When you apply the process outlined above, you will start making money from Digital Marketing.

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