How to Save Contacts to iPhone
Even for the fact that we use our phones more for social media than SMS and the traditional calls, we still need to save phone numbers to our iPhone. What’s a phone without phone numbers? There are various ways of adding phone numbers to an iPhone including iCloud or other means, but there are still times we have to manually enter them and save them. In this post, we take you through the process of saving contacts on an iPhone.
The process of adding a new contact can be done either on the Phone app or the Contacts app. The process is the same on both apps. In this post, we’ll be explaining using the Phone app.
1. Launch the Phone app and navigate to the Contacts tab.
Tap the Contacts tab; Source: howtogeek.com2. Tap the + icon which you’lll see on the top-right corner. There will be fields to add the new contact’s first name, last name, and other details.
Tap the + icon; Source: howtogeek.comInput the Contact details; Source: howtogeek.com3. Scroll down and tap on Add Phone. A field for entering phone number will be displayed.
Tap Add Phone button; Source: howtogeek.comEnter Phone number; Source: howtogeek.com4. There are other details you can add when you scroll down such as email address, address, notes, and birthday.
You can even set a special ringtone for the said contact. Simply navigate to the Ringtone section.
5. After all that, you can decide to add a contact photo. Simply tap the Add Photo link which you’ll see at the top.. The next screen that shows has several profile photo options. You can select a photo from your camera roll or add an Emoji or Animoji.
Tap Add Photo; Source: howtogeek.com6. Tap the button which represents Photos so that you can select a photo from your Camera Roll.
Tap Photos button; Source: howtogeek.comA page will open that lets you browse your photos. Select an image by tapping it.
Select the Photo; Source: howtogeek.com7. After that, you will be able to scale the photo to fit in the circle. When you’re done, select Choose.
Tap Choose; Source: howtogeek.com8. The app also allows you add your favourite filter to the profile picture. When you’re done with this, tap Done.
Tap Done; Source: howtogeek.com9. The profile picture screen will then be displayed. Tap the Done button again.
Tap Done; Source: howtogeek.com10. Look over the contact creation page and ensure all the details you entered are correct. Tap the Done button and the contact will be saved.
Tap Done; Source: howtogeek.comThe contact will now be saved to the Contacts app and you’ll be able to see it there.
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Hope with this, you have learnt How to Save Contacts to iPhone.
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