Here is a complete guide on registering your new MTN SIM in Ghana.

How to register your MTN SIM card in Ghana

How to register your MTN SIM card in Ghana

In Ghana, before you can use a SIM card, you first need to register it with its network provider. For example, you cannot register your MTN SIM with Vodafone or vice versa. Otherwise, the SIM will not function until it completes its due diligence.

  1. Visit any MTN authorized dealer or office in the country
  2. Give your SIM card to the merchant
  3. Submit your identification document to the merchant
  4. Within a few minutes, the merchant will register your SIM card and get your registration in MTN Ghana subscriber database
  5. Upon successful completion, the merchant will hand over your registered SIM and ID card to you
  6. After that, insert the SIM card into your mobile phone and enjoy all MTN Ghana services

Requirements to register your MTN SIM card in Ghana

Before you can register your MTN SIM in Ghana, there are some requirements that you need to fulfill. If you fail to meet any of these requirements, your SIM card cannot be registered for you.

Here are some of the requirements when registering an MTN SIM card in Ghana:

  • National photo identification card (Ghana card, voter ID, driver’s license, or Ghanaian passport)
  • A new SIM card from MTN
  • Your residence address (you can include the Ghana Post GPS code (GE-XXX-XXXX))

How to check your MTN SIM card details in Ghana

After registering your MTN SIM at the seller or office, you can check to see if the details used match the correct information.

This is very important because if it goes unnoticed, it may affect you when you visit any MTN office to request some information about your account. For example, if the mobile money account is locked, MTN will not be able to open it for you,

To do so, all you have to do is dial * 400 # from any mobile device, be it Android, iPhone, or Potato.

You will then see your post FULLNAME (FIRST NAME, LAST NAME), ID TYPE, the last four digits of your ID, your day and The The month of birth.

In addition, a message with the same information above will be sent to you via SMS.


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