Aside from using your Google Account popularly known as Gmail to send and receive messages you could also start earning partial income or even full-time income with your Gmail account. How to make money with your Google Account in Ghana

it’s quite amazing how simple and easy it is to make money with your Gmail account yet lot of people don’t know.

quiet recently, through my personal research and analysis I came across a very important feature of my Google account, upon further exploration I noticed one could start making thousands of Dollars monthly with his Gmail account.


 In this post I’m going to break down how you can actually start making money with your Gmail account.

First let me  show you a picture of my Google account,  the very section that when you set everything up correctly will start generating huge income for you monthly.

How to make money with your Google Account in Ghana

 To start making money with Google or a Gmail account you must be a content publisher with Google. talking about content publishing, numerous types of content exist, popular among them are YouTube videos,  blog,  podcasts,apps and more.

 As a content publisher, you have the choice to apply to Google for your content to be monetized with their ads  popularly called Google Adsense. in Africa the main content that one could start publishing easily is YouTube videos or blog content. with few steps you could be a proud owner of a blog or YouTube channel and start making income. To learn how to create blog And a YouTube channel click on the link below.

How to make money with your Google Account in Ghana

 Once you  become a content publisher with Google, head over to Google Adsense and apply, after successful application, come back to your Google account, navigate to  manage your Google account, visit the payment center section of your Google account where you can add your payment methods.

How to make money with your Google Account in Ghana

You have the choice to add your bank account, Western Union details, your check details etc, depending on the country you reside,  you will have limited choices, In Africa wire transfer of funds to bank account is the easiest. Recently Google stopped working with Western Union making it difficult for you to withdraw funds via Western Union,  though the service is still working one could not add it as a new payment method in his or her Google payment Center.

It is easy right? yes with this simple steps you could turn your Gmail account into a money generating machine, oh yes a money generation machine. on 21st of every month once you have all your details configured correctly you will be receiving payment from Google payment center periodically. yes you will be paid 21st of every month directly into your local  bank account.

Are you surprised?  it is not free money Google is giving you,  once you have enabled monetization on your content, Google will start placing personalized advertisement on your content, so when someone is interacting with your content and click on any of the advertisement, Google actually pays you a percentage of funds the company running the advertisement paid Google. 

Examples of Ads google Puts on Content publishers blog/websites

How to make money with your Google Account in Ghana
How to make money with your Google Account in Ghana

For  blog or a website monetization Google pays 68% of the revenue paid by advertisers to content publishers. Imagine having over a hundred thousand visitors on your blog or website in a month,  once your content is being monetized with Google advertisement and your payment method properly configured you will be paid on 21st of every month.

So are you going to use your Gmail for only sending and receiving messages? it’s time you start spending some of Google’s money. become a content publisher with Google and start earning monthly income.

Get in touch and lets Create a blog for you so your google account could make your money too! Chat us via the Whatsapp Button Below.


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