The highest paid pensioner earns about 55,000 Ghana cedis a month, that’s for 2021, the next one is 50,000, [and] the next one is 45,000. The percentage of people who earn such is very minimal, it is less than 1% of the pensioners.

The lowest pension paid was 300 Ghana Cedis.

Highest and Lowest Paid Pensioner In Ghana

Highest and Lowest Paid Pensioner In Ghana
Highest and Lowest Paid Pensioner In Ghana

Reacting to complains by some section of the general public, that SSNIT is shortchanging pensioners by giving them low pernsion payments, Dr John Ofori-Tenkorang said the benefits are based on the contributions and salaries of workers, meaning what people get from SSNIT depends on what they put in.


The benefits that are prescribed by law under the SSNIT pension schemes anchors the benefits that you pay on the salary on which you contributed.

So if you contribute on low salary or dodge your contribution, you should not expect to get more.

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