Following the announcement of GSuite’s rebranding to Google Workspace yesterday, the internet giant has updated its productivity suite with its latest feature, mentions for Google Docs.

Up to now, using the ‘@’ symbol didn’t have a special function in the online word processor. But, as this blog post from Google explains, it will now trigger a dropdown menu in Docs, which will allow you to link other people within your contacts or organization. Then, Docs will automatically generate a special link to that person’s info.

It’s important to note that, unlike mentions in Instagram or Twitter, the ones in Docs aren’t meant to call someone’s attention or trigger a notification for them. Instead, the mentions function will embed their information into a popup within the document.

This popup will contain links to Google Contacts and Gmail, bringing more continuity to Workspace’s different elements. It will also bring up sharing settings to share the Doc with the tagged individual, if they aren’t already included.

The feature has not yet appeared on PhoneArena’s own GSuite account (err—Workspace, pardon me), but Google says it will be rolling out to all business and education users in days to weeks, depending on your domain settings.


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