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Gigi Gorgeous was born Gregory Allan Lazzarato. She is a Canadian television personality and YouTube sensation. In 2008, she began posting makeup tutorials on her YouTube channel. Gigi first came out as a transsexual when she married Nats Getty. In January 2014, she publicly transitioned after the death of her mother. In 2013, Gigi revealed that she was transgender and had undergone a procedure to change her appearance. She later underwent rhinoplasty and facial feminization surgeries.

Gigi’s body was originally shaped like a male, so she posed for photos in male clothing. However, her YouTube channel was more oriented toward women’s styles. She wore women’s make-up and wore heels. She kept her hair short. The surgery left her with a more attractive profile and a more attractive body. Currently, Gigi is married to Nats Getty, who has been a fan of the model since childhood.

The transgender YouTube star Gigi Gorgeous has opened up about her experience with plastic surgery. In a new video, she describes her journey, and her post-surgical results. The results are stunning. While she has been vocal about her transformation, many fans are skeptical. The video shows the transformation she underwent and her new, beautiful appearance. Fortunately, she hasn’t gone through any complications, and she has remained transgender since.


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