RuPaul’s Drag Race star is a transgender woman, and she recently decided to undergo breast reconstruction surgery.

Who is Gia Gunn?

She has been living as a trans woman for over five years, and she says the procedure gave her the confidence she needed to feel comfortable in her own skin.

The before and after photos show her with her new implants, and she says that she feels more confident than ever.

To raise money for her surgery, she turned to a GoFundMe campaign.

She needs $33,000 to pay for breast implants, another $3,000 to cover the fat transfer, and the operating room fee.

Gia Gunn Before Surgery Photos

In April 2017, Gia Gunn came out as transgender.

She was invited to compete on the sixth season of Drag Race, where she said she was trans.

The show’s creator, RuPaul, compared transgender drag queens to athletes on performance-enhancing drugs.

After Gunn’s announcement, she was invited to participate in All Stars 4, where she postponed her surgery and went under the knife.

After Drag Race season six, Gunn announced that she was a trans woman. She had been aware of her gender identity since she was five.

She is now starting the outward transition process.

The YouTube channel of Gia Gunn has revealed that she is undergoing a fat transfer and breast reconstruction.

She has already undergone three years of hormone replacement therapy, so the surgery will not change her appearance or her body shape.


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