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Ghana Library Authority to Register 2021 Nov/Dec exams for GH₵ 35.00 only

Ghana Library Authority to register for 2021 Nov/Dec exams

The Ghana Library Authority has decided to register individuals who wish to partake in the 2021 edition of the Nov/Dec exams at 35ghs only.

Ghana Library Authority to register for 2021 Nov/Dec exams
Ghana Library Authority to register for 2021 Nov/Dec exams

Interested individuals can express interest by visiting [email protected] and filling out the form provided.
2021 Nov/Dec registration has already started.

Normal or regular 2021 WASSCE Nov/Dec registration started 10th February 2021 and is expected to end on July 10, 2021.

For bulk or school registration, Ghana Library Authority will send representatives to interested schools for the registeration at a reduced cost
visit [email protected] and fill the form for further enquiries.

A representative of the Ghana Library Authority will contact you once you finish filling the form.

Has 2021 Waec registration started?

The West African Examinations Council u003cstrongu003ehasu003c/strongu003e floated entries for the e-u003cstrongu003eregistrationu003c/strongu003e of candidates for u003cstrongu003eWASSCEu003c/strongu003e for School Candidates, u003cstrongu003e2021u003c/strongu003e. Offline u003cstrongu003eRegistration isu003c/strongu003e from February 15, u003cstrongu003e2021u003c/strongu003e to March 15, u003cstrongu003e2021u003c/strongu003e. While online u003cstrongu003eregistration isu003c/strongu003e from March 16, u003cstrongu003e2021u003c/strongu003e to March 31, u003cstrongu003e2021u003c/strongu003e.

Is Wassce registration over?

Nou003cbru003e2021 Novdec registration will be over in july


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