Watching YouTube videos is probably one of the most favorite pastimes for a lot of people. And why not? There are a lot of entertaining videos that you can view and you can view them for free.

What if you can get paid for watching YouTube videos? Yes, there’s an opportunity to do that and it is brought by the website Paid2YouTube.

The website is designed to pay you for watching YouTube videos and allow you to promote your own YouTube videos if you have any.

As for earnings, it will really depend on the number of YouTubers using the website’s services. But from what I’ve seen, you will likely earn only $0.015 to $0.025 per week with this site.

But is this a legitimate opportunity or just a scam?

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So Far, Paid2YouTube is a Legit Opportunity

Paid2YouTube is a website that is founded in 2009 and is designed to help YouTube channel owners to increase the number of views, subscriptions, and comments on their channels and videos.

The company will also pay people like you to watch YouTube videos, subscribe to a channel, or leave a comment.

Based on what Paid2YouTube brings and on my initial impression of the site, I can say it is a legitimate opportunity. The company delivers on its promise of paying you for doing any of the things mentioned above.

Your money is also sent to your PayPal account once you have enough to be able to withdraw it. Paid2YouTube’s longevity is also an indication that they are not a fly-by-night business.

The company has already been operating for 9 years, which says a lot, considering there are many online opportunities that fail to make it up to 5 years.

It’s easy and free to register to Paid2YouTube. You will just need to go to their website and click the ‘Register’ tab on the upper right of the menu and fill out the required information.

As for earning $0.15 to $0.25 per week, you will see why I say this, as we continue further with this review.

Who Uses Paid2YouTube?

The Paid2YouTube website is made for two types of people and one of them are people who own YouTube channels or YouTube videos. The other types are people are like you who are looking to make money online.

But if you leave a comment on 2 videos, you will get paid $0.20. The company will also be paying you for rating a video. You will get $0.01 for each rating you leave.

The biggest amount you can earn from Paid2YouTube is $0.15 and you will earn this if you subscribe to the YouTube channel found on the company’s website.

Now it is important to note that you will only get paid for the YouTube videos you watch, comment, and rate found on the website. This goes the same with subscriptions.

Any YouTube video you watch outside the website won’t earn you anything, even if you saw it being promoted in the company. You have to access it through the Paid2YouTube website.

Paid2YouTube also has a referral program, which can help you earn more money. For every video that your referral watches, you get paid $0.001. For leaving comments, you get paid $0.01 and you earn $0.005 for each rating.

Visit Paid2youtube to register and start making money online


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