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The star of the hit television show Strut reveals that she had gender confirmation surgery to achieve her ideal body. The actress has opened up about her mental health issues and the surgery was so successful that she is now a fully-functioning woman. She also explains that she was once homeless and was forced to live with her grandmother. This experience helped her understand that she could make a change and began to look for a way to improve her looks.

Like many other celebrities, Jackson sought plastic surgery services to achieve her dream figure. But she was a pioneer in the Hollywood scene for transgenders and was one of the first Hollywood actresses to go under the knife. She also has an organization, Pray Tell, that raises money to help transgender children, as well as the Whitney M. Young High School for girls. This is a great cause for Jackson, and she’s been open about her transformation.

Before going under the knife, Dominique Jackson underwent plastic surgery. It wasn’t the first time that a transgender woman has gone under the knife. She has gone through a lot of changes in her life and has been under the knife a few times. She’s an inspirational role model for other transgender people, and she’s a strong advocate for AIDS research. Her charity, Pray Tell, also organizes fundraisers for the AIDS ward at UCLA, and has donated a large portion of the proceeds to Whitney M. Young High School.


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