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Delay in Allawa must stop now

National Service Scheme is seriously beginning to irritate the nerves of Ghanaians. For a body whose job all year round is to ensure that welfare of national service personnel are catered for during that 1 year period, the secretariat is really not helping. And they should sit up and become more productive. It is worthy of note that there exist national service scheme (NSS).

One thing the NSS secretariat has been notorious for is Delaying payment of “alawa” which is erroneously tagged as a normal thing. Seriously, what is normal about having to postpone various activities that this payment would have greatly helped with? What is normal about postponing business ideas that would have flourished in the moment just because someone somewhere has decided to control your fate with holding your payment?


The physical, psychological and emotional trauma that these young men and women are resorted to by payment delays is egregious and an issue that the ministry of finance should seriously look at. Payments are delayed for up to 3 months, with most people resorting to borrowing to cater for themselves as their payment delays.

Mind you, these Young people who dress day in day out going to work and religiously signing their evaluation forms, have responsibilities, and the erroneous school of thought that “their parents can take care of them” which renders delays in their payment, a normal thing should really be a thing to look at. It is heart breaking especially considering that these young men and women have to sacrifice their own egos and beg for “nokofio” just to survive. It is an experience you never want to go through. The fact that Demonstrations are not being held by these young people does not mean their feelings are not hurt by this sort of behavior.

Delay in Allawa must stop now

Take this example, for the NSS year (2002-2003), 500 graduates are recruited. These 500 people are going to be paid say, 50.00 monthly for the next 12 months of work. Which means when the month ends, 25000.00 is expected to be paid to all these graduates. So if a total of 20000.00 is paid, can’t someone at the payment processing office find out why there is a payment deficit of 5000.00?

Doesn’t anyone at the office care about the welfare of these young people to ask these questions? What is the point of having an IT System where issues regarding nonpayment cannot be sent to that person’s dashboard, even to serve as a reminder? So that, for example, if Musa failed to bring his evaluation form for that month, Musa can be notified on his personal dashboard to submit his evaluation form or risk nonpayment for that particular month. Why do you just have to sit there and wait till the person comes to the office and complain for about ten times, begging that they have not received payment.

What has thiscountry turned into? Is there a “High” in making us beg for what is due us? Can’t someone take initiative at the various NSS and NabCo offices just for once? How would you feel if as a public servant controller decides to withhold your salary for 3 months? Life will literally become hell. The government needs to step up with dealing with this sort of behavior. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

National Service Secretariat (Ghana)

Ghana National Service Scheme
Agency overview
JurisdictionRepublic of Ghana
Headquarters Ghana
Parent agencyMinistry of Education (Ghana)
WebsiteOfficial website
Delay in Allawa must stop now

Ghanaian students who graduate from accredited tertiary institutions are required under law to do a one-year national service to the country. The National Service Secretariat (NSS) is the Government of Ghana agency mandated to formulate policies and structures for national service

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