Dbrand Prism screen protector

Dbrand, the aggressively-marketed smartphone accessories producer, just dropped their latest product, the Prism impact-proof screen protector. It can apparently keep your phone safe from harm, even when you smash it with a hammer. It’s available now for $14.95, and is compatible with a wide variety of Apple, Google, and OnePlus smartphones.

The Prism is a dual-layer hybrid screen protector, made with shatter-proof and impact-resistant glass. But despite the massive protection it offers against being dropped and other misfortunes, the screen protector still offers the premium feel of real glass without feeling bulky.

As with any other screen protector you’d get from Dbrand, the Prism comes two to a pack (hey, mistakes happen). It also comes with Dbrand’s alignment stabilizer, alcohol wipes, a squeegee, and a microfiber cloth, for super easy DIY installation.

Source: Dbrand

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