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Christine Jorgensen is an American woman who had a vaginoplasty and penectomy performed in the United States. She was born a man and had undergone several surgeries before choosing her chosen name. The procedure was so successful that she went on to become a famous celebrity. The process took more than two years and she was able to return to a normal life. Her after surgery photos show her new body.

During her military service, Christine Jorgensen began researching gender surgery and traveled to Europe to have it performed. She was concerned about the lack of male development and began taking estrogen. She also researched the surgery with Joseph Angelo, the husband of a fellow classmate from Manhattan Medical and Dental Assistant School. While Jorgensen initially planned to undergo the procedure in Sweden, she decided to travel to Copenhagen to undergo the hormone therapy.

Before her surgery, Jorgensen was still a male. Her story broke in the December 1952 issue of American Weekly magazine, which featured her autobiography. The photo on the front covers of the magazine shows her reading the article. The caption on the reverse side states, “Preparing for a new life.” The photo was published on March 3, 1953. The picture is an original archival photo and has a date of 1953.


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