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Before his recent weight loss surgery, Chaz Bono was never overweight. Although his mother placed him on a special diet as a child, he was still in denial about his weight. In his 20s, he was a regular participant in “Dancing With The Star” and “The Doctors.” Since then, he has been openly discussing his weight loss surgery and the results. In the following pictures, you can see the transformation in his body.

During the surgery, Chaz Bono was pictured in a blue suit, which is more traditional for a woman. Before his gender reassignment surgery, he was a boy, so the surgical procedure was an effort to stay male. However, the resulting hormonal imbalance led him to put on some weight, which he didn’t want. After surgery, he was back to being a man and started to date girls again.

Despite the negative reactions from his first few years as a male, Bono was determined to stay male. He even came out publicly as a lesbian, and has since gone on to undergo several sex-changing surgeries. While he says the surgery helped him be a man, it has also led to an unintended consequence: a huge weight gain and hormonal imbalance. In fact, the surgery made him look more like a man.


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