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Bullet terminates contract of Fantana with Rufftown Records

Bullet has spoken on Fantana’s beef with Wendy Shay and it is already a big blow to one of them.

Wendy Shay is being evil by Fantana. According to the Rufftown signee, Bullet made her lie on numerous entertainment platforms just to make Wendy Shay look good in the eyes of the public.

She was hurt after Wendy Shay attacked her teeth calling it big for saying she was a local champion during an interview with Regina Van Helvert on GH One TV. The back and forth diss and replies have triggered Bullet to speak out.

Bullet is terminating Rufftown Records’ deal with Fantana to save his face from shame,

He has issued a communiqué indicating that his label is mutually parting ways with Fantana.

To many, it is a big blow to Fantana but making it big in the Ghanaian industry can’t be predicted.

Bullet terminates contract of Fantana with Rufftown Records

See The Statement Below:

Bullet terminates contract Fantana  Rufftown Records

Fantana Real Name

She was christened at birth as Francine Kouffie. And she is a hails from the Nzema area in the Western region of Ghana.

Stage Name

According to her, the stage name Fantana was proposed by Bullet. Giving details, while she was growing up as a kid, she was often referred to as Fanta and Bullet decided to use that for her name.

Fantana Age

She was born on July 3, 1997. Currently 22 years old, the singer was born in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States of America where she spent most of her live.

Educational Background

According to the ‘So What’ hitmaker, she studied Business and Fashion in school.

How She Met Wendy Shay And Bullet

According to her, she met Bullet through Wendy Shay. She befriended Shay on social media after the latter released her Uber Driver song under RuffTown.

Bullet terminates contract Fantana  Rufftown Records
Bullet terminates contract Fantana Rufftown Records

Her Family

For Shatta Wale who has been referring to Fantana as his cousin, the new RuffTown act disclosed that he has been a family friend for sometime now.

Private Life

New documents popping up on social media lately shows that RuffTown Record’s new signee, Fantana was arrested in the US for theft. The document also revealed that she was released on November 14, 2017. For the charges, Fantana was allegedly charged for “Larc grand theft 300 less than 5K Dols”.

Bullet terminates contract Fantana  Rufftown Records

Rufftown Records to Terminate Fantana’s Contract for going at Wendy Shay (BEEF)

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