Amy Schneider’s biography, career, Networth, Jeopardy, husband

Amy Schneider is an American Engineering manager currently known to be a contestant on the quiz tv show Jeopardy!. She immediately gained a lot of recognition for being one of the few trans persons to be on the show. She has maintained a great streak and has been standing strong as competition for other contestants.

Who is Amy Schneider?

Amy Schneider was born on May 29, 1984, in Ohio, USA. She was born as a male under the name Thomas E Schneider to her parents James T Schneider and her mother whose name has not been shared. Her father worked at the Dayton Metro Library and she grew up with her brother John Schneider.

Amy is an engineer manager who is currently working in Oakland, California, and super active as well as dedicated towards her work.

Amy Schneider’s Biography, Career, Networth, Jeopardy, Husband

How old is Amy Schneider?

As of 2021, Amy Schneider is 37years old as she was born on May 29, 1984

Amy Schneider’s Education

We do not have enough data on her education, however, She went to the University of Dayton between 1997 to 2002 and earned a bachelor’s degree in science.

Amy Schneider’s career, What is her profession?

Amy Schneider began her career as a product designer at NexTech. She previously worked as a computer programmer for the foreman architect in San Francisco.

Amy has also worked in the United States as a design lead at Softbank Robotics America. She worked for the design director post there, honing her talents as well as those of the executives.

Amy Schneider has talents in design management, REST stress analysis, Catia, Ruby on Rails, mobile apps, Amazon Web Services AWS, Git, and other areas.

She has worked as a Design Administrator at Fieldwire Company since the beginning of the year 2021. Amy also has a record on “Podchaser,” where she continued to make her daily digital broadcasts.

Amy Schneider’s Husband and wife

Amy Schneider was married to Keely Anneken, who is a woman. However, she was in a marital relationship with Keely Anneken before transitioning.

According to multiple sources, their marital relationship ends with divorce; however, she has mentioned that they are still friends.

The couple used to live in Oakland, California, in 2009 because they loved to stay in the bay area. She realized herself as a transwoman in 2016, and she started living as a transwoman publicly in 2017.

Amy Schneider’s Net worth

Before her presence on Jeopardy, we estimated her Net worth to be $5000, her net worth is expected to skyrocket with her recently found fame on Jeopardy.

Amy schneider on Jeopardy

Amy Schneider was on the latest seasons of Jeopardy,

During Amy’s introductory episode, she revealed she was the second person in her family to compete on the game show after her former brother-in-law played. Clearly, she’s surpassed him by a wide margin as she’s become one of the show’s top competitors. See how Amy continues to fare as Jeopardy!‘s 38th season continues.


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