Alexandra Billings Before Surgery Photos

The former model and actress has drastically changed her appearance, thanks to plastic surgery. In 2005, she starred in the hit show “Transamerica” as a trans woman. She was rejected for the role due to her sex, but eventually decided to have the procedure. After the surgery, she was able to land the role. In the past six months, she has been sharing her new look on social media, and the results of the operation have been positive.

Although not a public figure, Alexandra Billings is no stranger to the media. She has starred in various TV shows, including “Transamerica” and “Romy and Michelle.” In 2017, she played a role in the HBO comedy “Transamerica” before being replaced by Felicity Huffman. She has also appeared in numerous films and television series, and is a well-known advocate for the trans community.

In addition to her work as an actress, Billings is also an author and activist. She has acted on television shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and “The X-Files.” After her surgery, she is still an outspoken supporter of the trans community. While she is not a celebrity, she has become a very successful woman.



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