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A simple life of a teenage boy Chapter 5

An intriguing novel by: PETERSAN

The month of August has begun. My days are usual. Go to school, come back from school, do homework and sleep. I spent these months by doing only these. James is not here and I feel lonely for most of the time. I need something productive, something that is beyond my usual classes but what is it? I need some motivation to do something but I don’t know what. Should I just spend my days normally like everyone else? I guess not. Music is one extra thing that I love the most beside games. I want to play drums so bad but I don’t know how and when I should start. There are a few boys in my classroom who are good at playing guitar and some other musical instruments. Today I talked with them and they were very happy that I wanted to join them but they looked deadpan after I told that I have not even touched a drum stick before.


A simple life of a teenage boy Chapter 5

I haven’t tried to talk with anyone else in the class. Besides, I’m starting to feel lonely. I’m thinking of establishing my friendship with others but I find awkward to directly talk with them. And suddenly a boy from our class calls me. A boy named Eric who looks thin and is alone all the time. He has a good heart and good intention but few of the boys make fun of him in the class which is why he doesn’t talk much with anyone in the class. But he might have thought the same case with me. But I’m not mocked by anyone, I just find hard to establish friendship out of the blue. Anyway I like him and we’re becoming good friends. He supports me and I also support him. And one more shocking thing is that some few girls are trying to talk with me. One even asked me my name even though she knows it already. Someone once said, “You can’t understand what’s in a girl’s mind” and now I think that’s true. These girls are really annoying sometimes but I’m happy with it. At least they entertain me throughout the day. Or, maybe I’m so handsome that they are attracted in me. Seriously, do I look so handsome?


The day passed on well and I’m here in my lonely evening on a journey to the starry world. Keeping homeworks and stuffs aside, what I will be doing now is just take a walk outside. When the air is so fresh, when the city lights are so bright and there’s a darkness within those bright lights, the town gets alive. Live Music, street foods and the people, it’s feels like there’s a whole new world outside. As the sun sets down and the lights light on, a whole new world is born. Just wandering off is enough to feel the lovely evening. Lovers love each other, travelers travel and wanderers like me wander from place to place. Scotland is famous for pubs and bars so many people gather there, get drunk and laugh. With an ever-expanding choices of whiskies and some finest cocktails, they spend their nights out. I could hear the laughter along with the live music. And for those who have no interest in visiting pubs, they gather outside and enjoy themselves with the street performers. Street performance is actually a better place for me because I’m still too young to visit pubs. After taking some few more turns, I will reach even more dark, discreet and warm place. It’s an old part of town. As I reach there, there will be old wooden houses and I could see some lights coming out of the window. Ladders, street lamps and a few trees in every turns and steps. And every time I come here I always notice something unique like there’s still some mystery in the dark. I mean, not the spirits, but like new shops or new path ways.

A simple life of a teenage boy Chapter 5

In addition, my loneliness in the school is fading away thanks to Eric and the girls who keep me entertained. In during these few days, I can’t imagine that I became good friends with them. And I have to get back soon because I have lots of assignments to complete. Two guys from the neighboring town are coming for group study so I have to get home early. Meanwhile, “Look at the stars look how they shine for you” is what I’m listening to right now. The song is named “Yellow” and was produced by Coldplay and it’s one of my favorite.

Peter returns home after taking a short walk outside. There he sees his two friends whom he invited last day. Greets them and takes them to his room. After studying together, they return home.

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