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A simple life of a teenage boy chapter 12

An intriguing novel by: PETERSAN

                The New Year has begun bringing us new challenges ahead in our life.

I passed my 7th Grade and this was my last year as a secondary level student. In the next year, I will be in 9th Grade and enter high school. Past few months were full of fun. The ‘Christmas Day’ along with ‘New Year’ was full of excitement. Oh, and I forgot to mention about our visit. Switzerland is amazing. The beautiful scenery of mountains, hills, rivers and forests has no words to describe. One has to get there to feel the beauty of nature. As Albert Einstein once said, “Look deep in nature and then you will understand everything better” The nature has such an immense beauty that no one can ever describe in their words. The woods were lovely, dark and deep. Whenever I walked into the pathless woods and lonely shores of Switzerland, the nature embraced me with its grand beauty. The mountains were so tall, beautiful and shiny when it kissed the blue and deep sky. Truly, there’s no way I could ever see or feel such a beauty again.

Besides natural beauty of Switzerland, the houses and people were lovely and welcoming. They all greeted us with flowers and chocolates. The local people were generous as well. We stayed in Uncle Tom’s house which was big and comforting. His wife, Aunt Samantha was loving and caring. She was from England and had British accent. They all were lovely and kind-hearted. They had a daughter named Cynthia who was same as my age. We became friends in our short meet. She took me to different places where we had loads of fun and shared amazing moments. My sister Gracy stayed with our parents at home and visited few places with them. But I wanted to visit deep and lovely places. Cynthia was like my guide. She was along with me the whole time. She took me to different parks of Geneva. Geneva is one of the greenest cities in the world consisting more than 20 parks. We visited Jet d’Eau Fountain which was the tallest fountain in the world. We also visited Geneva’s ancient Old Town which was a former Roman Marketplace. I wished Jenny would be there with me

In a cold morning in Switzerland, a day before returning home, I remembered how wonderful the places were. While I was wandering inside Uncle Tom’s house, I saw a shocking thing. I flipped through the pages of Uncle Tom’s photo galleries and saw an unexpected thing. I saw a photo of mine. It was when I was six years old. I knew it was my photo and I was with a girl next to me. We were playing in mud and I was covered with it. But I didn’t know who the girl in the photo was. When I went back to ask about that photo, I heard a thing that I didn’t knew before. The girl whom I remembered in September was none other than Cynthia. My father and Uncle Tom were friends since their childhood. So, they lived next door back then as our neighbor and Cynthia was the girl I remembered. I was happy that it was her. When I asked her about it she said that she knew it the whole time. That was the reason why she was happy with me. I felt awkward and didn’t know what to do about it. Before leaving I had promised Cynthia that we would visit again the next time we meet. Whenever I looked at her she reminded me of Jenny. She was happy with me but I had no other intention. She was not the one I had dreamed of. I promised myself that I would bring Jenny to visit there sometime.

After returning from such an adventurous and memorable trip I had to attend the class again. I was appointed as a new Vice-Captain of the school so I had lots of responsibilities in school. Watching over other student’s activities and maintaining discipline was a painful job. I was a lazy student so I escaped from much work. Looking after other student was not my aim as a VC. I had to talk to Jenny somehow. And I did. Yes, I did talk to jenny some days back. It was during our work as a Captain and a Vice-Captain. I asked her name even though I knew it already and she smiled and replied back. I introduced myself and we talked for a bit. I was very happy at that moment and my face turned red. But I didn’t stop and I spoke freely. Her voice was soft and melodious. I told that I l liked her eyes and she was happy. And in addition to that, I told that I liked her feminine side like kindness, her caring nature, the way she smiles and makes time stand still and the cute thing she does with her hair. But it was a foolish step, a boy shouldn’t have complimented so much about a girl in a first meeting. I went in a flow and was complimenting her for about 5 minutes. In some way, I think I irritated her. I tried to control my words but I couldn’t. She felt awkward at that moment when I think back at it. And now I’m thinking, “Why did I even say that?”

A simple life of a teenage boy chapter 12

While I finished complimenting her, she spoke something about herself. But the only thing she spoke was about her daily activities. She spoke things like when she gets up, what she does after waking up and when she sleeps and things. And suddenly my useless mouth asked about whether she has a boyfriend or not without even listening what she was talking about. This showed that I wasn’t paying attention to her words. She paused for a second and pardoned me. But she heard me what I asked about. Her smiley face turned black and she gave the answer in a rush. She said that she had a boyfriend who lived out of the country and visits her sometimes. She also said that she was deeply in love with him since her childhood. My heart skipped a beat. I was heartbroken after hearing that. I remembered every single time I spent on becoming a VC. All of my struggle in becoming a VC flashed back into my head when she said that. I thought like my hard work was for nothing. During our first meet, I remembered how I complimented her and how she suddenly broke my heart.

The lonely night came back and it was the second time my heart felt alone. My hope was unexpectedly shattered and everything was gone. I did my best to get close to her but what now? I never thought that she had a boyfriend. I laughed at myself for how madly, deeply and truly I was in love with her. I somehow managed to control my feelings when she said that and smiled in return but after returning home I was filled with tears. I lost my direction. I was lost. I felt something was broken inside me. Even the view of the town at night which I loved so much seemed cheerless. The moon was alone and the stars lost their path. The moon was my only companion that never left me alone. It shone brightly even during my time of darkness. Even if I was alone it was looking right at me. The moon understands me because it knows what it feels to be alone

I decided to give up on her but how could I? It was not that easy to erase my feelings on her. I never thought that I would end up like that. My first love was a failure and my chest never felt so heavy and full of pain. All I knew that time was that I loved her so much but now it hurt. If she is happy with him then I have no rights to interfere. Why should I act like a villain in other’s love story? Now, it’s time to give up on her-I thought. Like a saying:

“There will be a time when you are forced to follow your hearts away from someone you love”- Ashly Lorenzana

It became true that time.

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