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A simple life of a teenage boy chapter 11

An intriguing novel by: PETERSAN

                The month of September has begun. The foliage lost its freshness from the month of August and has turned yellow. The trees are full of scarlet leafs. Finally, the summer has come to an end.

Summer was very big and lots of things happened. My father came yesterday and he will stay with us for two weeks. My family vacation will start tomorrow and I’ll be out of school for about a week. He will take us to visit Switzerland for about 4 days. My father has a friend in Geneva so we don’t need to pay for lodges during our stay. My sister Gracy’s birthday was coming soon so this visit will be her present. I bought a crayon color box as my personal gift to my sister. She loves to paint so she’ll obviously like it.

But during this summer I never got chance to speak with Jenny. Each day, I worked hard in order to become VC and her only existence changed me a lot from the time I was back then. I became a player of the team and we won Preliminaries Cup. Regarding my academics, I ranked 5th in the class. My rank slipped due to my hard focus on basketball. But still placing top five was good. I made some new friends but we’re not close like Eric or James. And, today an event was held in our school to appoint the Captain and Vice-Captain. Luckily, I became a Vice-Captain and she was appointed as a Captain. It was a good thing but that was not my main target. I had a long way to go and this was just the first step. Now my aim was not to talk but to get her. I wanted her to be beside me for most of the time. After returning from the short visit I’ll have my chance as a VC to spend time with her.

It’s 11 past 24 and I’m not feeling sleepy. Maybe because we’re going out tomorrow. Meanwhile, the birds are laughing loud and the crickets chirp in the moonlight. The city is covered in light and darkness. The blend of city’s light and nature’s darkness is giving a scenic view through my window. The shadowy fields are scentless but full of passionless chant of insects. In this summer night even the stars are whispering with each other. The nature is full of mystery and unique beauty. As a part of nature, I was growing older as the days grew old.

I remembered the September when I was young but now I’ve grown bigger. And when I think of September, I suddenly remember a childhood friend. I had a childhood friend back then who spent most of the time with me. She lived right next door from my home. She was a good friend of mine or perhaps, my best friend but then her family moved out of town in September. It was just for about a year but we had much fun. Maybe she remembers me like I do. Now I’ve forgotten her name and a blur image comes in my mind when I try to remember her face. But it’s just a remembrance and there’s no way I could ever see her again.

A simple life of a teenage boy chapter 11

In the meantime, I see the bright moon through my window. Sad thoughts like what if I could never reach Jenny came in my mind. But my willpower was strong and i had a vision that one day i would meet her. And on the other hand, I was pretty much excited about our visit. Switzerland is known for its natural beauty and I was a nature lover. Tomorrow, our flight is scheduled at morning so I’ll be leaving soon. It’s time for listening music:

“All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go, I’m standing here outside your door,

I hate to wake you up to say good-bye.

But the dawn is breaking, it’s early morn, the taxi’s waiting He’s blowing his horn.

Already I’m so lonesome I could die. “- JOHN DENVER

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