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A New Dawn for Colleges of Education and Politics in Ghana.

Colleges of Education and Politics in Ghana

Colleges of education continue to fall victims of power thirsty politicians who continue to put the destinies of trainees into their pockets.

One of the recent topics making the headlines is the possible introduction of a top up programme to be designed for final trainee and in-service teachers. Even though the introduction of the policy is worth hearing to these innocent students, the policy has been welcomed with mixed reactions from trainees as they regard this policy to be implemented in a slap dash manner. 

Colleges of Education and Politics in Ghana.

First and foremost, for the level 300 who are yet to complete their final exams have been plaqued by the unfortunate novel coronavirus,thereby dashing their hopes of completion.

In the same vein, trainees are still in a state of hopelessness as their turn for national service is still in limbo.

Though there’re hopes that it will come off next year.

Colleges of Education and Politics in Ghana.

Trainees continue to wallow in pain in the manner and way allowances are disbursed in the country only to wake up to the realization that there will be a top up for them.

The issue here is not about the top up being introduced but the nightmares the trainee has to go through in order to pay for another session of the academic ladder. 

The government should as a matter of urgency sit up and stop jeopardizing with education in the country and pursue the interest of the Ghanaian trainee teacher. 

The government should also put measures in place to make effective the disbursement of allowances and stop playing with the lives of teacher trainees in the country.

It is high time the leadership of Teacher Trainees Association of Ghana (TTAG) braces up and fight for the common good and conditions of trainees taking into consideration the plights and grievances in this trying times.

Asamoah Wise Kwesi

Level 300

St. Francis College of Education

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