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93,724 teachers to get automatic employment – NAPO

According to Dr Matthew Opoku Prempeh, the Education Minister and Member of Parliament for the Manhyia South Constituency, the Akufo-Addo government has as at now employed 93,724 teachers across the country.

The Minister disclosed the total number of employed teachers by the current government at the Ghana Teacher Prize at the University of Cape Coast as the country joined the world to celebrate teacher’s day.

According to NAPO, all teachers from the Colleges of Education who have duly passed their licensure and completed the one-year mandatory national service have automatically been employed by Ghana’s Education Service.

‘’Even those who had trailed in some papers due to several reasons also got the opportunity to be employed this year’’, the Education Minister said.

93,724 teachers to get automatic employment – NAPO

93,724 teachers to get automatic employment – NAPO

He added that “all teachers of the 2021 batch, who have taken the National Service and passed the Licensure are being processed for automatically employed now”

Meanwhile, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Education (MoE), Mr Kwasi Obeng-Fosu has stated that over 93,700 teachers will be employed into service by the end of the ongoing recruitment this year.

Commenting on the employment of distance and graduate teachers, the Public Relations Officer said the employment of distance and graduate teachers, the Public Relations Officer said the Education Ministry has plans to recruit about 6,000 graduate teachers from the various universities after the Ghana Education Service (GES) recruitment of 2021 Colleges of Education batch.

Here are some statistics:


Recruitment of 2017-2018 Academic Yeartotal
Limited recruitment19,640
newly trained teachers14,170
Recruitment of 2018-2021 Academic Year
Double Track Teaching staff8,872
Non-teaching staff for Double Track1,445
Newly Trained Teachers14,500

Grand Total for the academic years 2017-2021
(33,810 + 24,817)
= 58,627

GES/YEA- kitchen staff and security for DT schools =7,730

GES 2021 (pending) 27, 367

Grand Total 93,724

The Minister of Education furthered that the Akufo-Addo led government is committed to raise the credibility and to professionalize the teaching job to meet the global standard as well as produce elite teachers to teach students.


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