5+ Source of Loan for Small Scale Business in Ghana

Are you looking for stress-free loan to start up your business in Ghana? Here are 5+ Source of Loan for Small Scale Business in Ghana.

This companies have created a remarkable reputation in the industry and are patronized by lot of Ghanaians. Check them out.

Source of Loan for Small Scale Business in Ghana

Advance Ghana

Advance Ghana is under the watchful eye of the bank of Ghana.


Unlike most micro-lending companies, advance Ghana has a strong backing from its shareholders, including Advance SA, KFW, Société Générale, and International Financial Corporation. In addition to this, this savings and loans company is a member of the Advans group.

This group is a network of microbanks and micro-finance institutions (MFIs) whose main product is centred on adapted financial services to Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) and low-income populations in developing, emerging and frontier countries.

You can reach Advance Ghana through: Call our Contact Center; 030 708 4522 Toll-Free: 0800 3553 55 Website: www.advansghana.com

SIC Life Savings & Loans Limited

SIC Life Trust Finance Limited turned SIC life savings and loans limited is licensed by the bank of Ghana to operate as a finance house.

This was done in accordance with the Banking Act, 2004 (Act 673). On 15th July 2015, the company was licensed to offer savings and loans services.

SIC Life S&L is a fully owned subservient of Ghana’s top life insurance company, SIC Life Company Limited Ghana. The company seeks to offer top-notch financial products with competitive interest rate, as a non-bank financial company.

You can reach SIC Life Savings & Loans Limited through:

  • P. O. Box KN 4768, Kaneshie, Accra
  • Offices: Section 28, Block 15, Tudu, Accra – Ghana
  • Tel: +233 (0) 57 773 7826; +233 (0) 55 659 0241
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: www.siclifesl.com.gh

ABii National Savings and Loans

Licensed under the Non-Bank financial Institutional law, 2008, (Act 774) ABii national is a Savings a loans company founded in 2011 with the aim of offering financial services to the general public.

With Bank of Ghana supervising its operations, ABii National takes deposits from the public, and other institutions provide loan products and other crucial financial services. In addition to this, ABii National, through her partnering banks, executes clearing direct transfers and other international trades.

  • Salary loans.
  • ABii salary advance.
  • Personal Loan.
  • ABii clearing Advance.
  • Working Capital.
  • Revolving Loan.
  • ABii work and Pay.
  • ABii SME loan.
  • Overdraft.
  • Corporate Loans.

You can reach ABii National through:

  • ABii National (Head Office); Priority House, Adjacent C. Woermann, Avenor Junction.
  • Post Office Box CT 10067, Cantonments, Accra.
  • Tel: (233) 302241050.
  • Hotline: 233 577-709-000.
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: www.abiinational.net

Adom Savings and Loans Limited

Adom S&L company is focused on delivering financial services to the market. This is based on three principles, i.e., Financial stability, social responsibility and high profitability.

Adom offers Adom personal loans to both the private and salaried workers. This is one of the many products offered by this Bank of Ghana regulated financial institution. Requirements for one to be eligible for this kind of loan include:

  • Employment confirmation letter.
  • Last three (3) month’s pay slip.
  • Valid National ID.
  • One (1) passport sized photograph.
  • Salary range from GHS 500 and above.
  • Equal monthly installment.
  • Personal guarantee from a colleague.

With the target market being private sector salaried workers, one gets to enjoy the following advantages from getting this kind of loan:

  • No collateral required.
  • Loan satisfies diverse needs.
  • Quick loan processing.
  • Up to Twenty four (24) months repayment limit.

Adom Savings and Loans main offices are located in Ayikai street, Abossey Okai Opp. Mamprobi Trotro station, Kaneshie. Their active lines are 0302 631119 / 0302 631117 / 0302 631178.

You can also reach them via an internet email service using [email protected], or their website www.adomsl.com . It is important to note that Adom Savings and Loans open from Monday to Friday 8am-6pm if you wish to make a personal visit to their offices.

izwe loans

Izwe loan is a trusted lender in Ghana offering Ghanaians with financial needs a range of loan products that they can use for their improvement. One of these products is car4cashloan. This product targets clients with vehicles to use it as collateral for their loan. Car4cash loans allow individuals to get loans worth the value of their car. Needless to say, you will still use your car while having the loan.

You can contact Izwe loan through:

  • Visiting their office at 1st Floor, Maestro Plaza, Kotobabi, High Street, Accra, Ghana
  • Phone Number: +233 (0) 302 251 042
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: www.izweghana.com

Stanbic Bank

This institution has a reputation for providing quality financial products to their clients. They have various unsecured loan packages, which varies from short to medium term loan.

1. Fixed Term Loans (FTL): A short-term personal loan is ideal if you earn a minimum net salary of GHS400 a month.

2. Revolving Term Loan (RTL): A short- to medium-term revolving personal loan if you earn a minimum net salary of GHS700 a month.

3. Employer Managed Scheme Loan (EMS): A short- to medium-term personal loan structured for salaried employees on our Workplace Banking Group Scheme who earn a minimum net salary of GHS300 a month at negotiated

Standard Chartered

Standard Chartered offers a unique opportunity for those willing to make improvements in their lives by providing unsecured loans to individuals. This institution offers two types of personal loans, which are:

Smart scheme – smart scheme will help you further your studies by allowing you raise your postgraduate fees, buy a new car, and pay the school fees of your child. If your organization has an agreement with your organization, you can submit your application and get access to funds.

Monthly repayment amount will be automatically deducted from your employer directly. You can reach the back through, 0302 633 552-4 to confirm if your company has signed with Standard Chartered Bank for smart scheme.

For you to be eligible for these loans you need:

  • Net minimum salary of GHS700.
  • Have to be a salaried worker.

When applying, you need to have the following documentation:

  • Completed application form.
  • IID – Important Information Document.
  • Passport / Driver’s License / National Identification Card / Voters ID.
  • Most recent salary slip.
  • Bank statements for the last three months.
  • Letter of Undertaking required of only CAGD customers (Only for Smart Scheme Loan).

Getting a Loan for Small Scale Business in Ghana is quite challenging, but with this companies above, you are good to go.

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