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Money transfer scams in Ghana: Here are emerging Money transfer scams you should be aware of in Ghana.

# World Remit Offers

Do not fall victim to scammers who claim they can multiply your money for you with a service called world remit. world remit is a legit company that helps Ghanaian abroad to send money to families in Ghana via mobile money to ease stress. the company is not in any way affiliated to those messages circulating on social media.

Here is an example of messages they usually share

Money transfer scams in Ghana
Money transfer scams in Ghana

Money transfer scams in Ghana

1. Buyer overpays

This type of scam targets people selling items online. A buyer will click to purchase and then send a cheque for an amount higher than agreed. They contact the seller claiming to have just realised their mistake and for a money transfer for the overpayment.

The seller then transfers the “excess” funds only to find that the cheque they deposited later bounces, leaving them out of pocket.

2. Seller requests wire transfer

Scammers also frequently pose as sellers online, often on auction websites like eBay. Once the auction has ended, the scammer will inform the winning bidder that they only accept payment by money transfer. Once the payment gets through, the buyer never receives the item.

3. Online relationships – romance scams

Social media and online dating websites make it easy to meet people online. But with all the fake profiles that are catfishing victims, it can be challenging to know who you’re talking to. Scammers set up fake profiles to catfish victims. Sometimes, they speak with the victim for weeks, months, and even years before asking for money.

The scammer will come up with a made-up reason for urgently needing money. Reasons often include an injury, accident, or sick relative. Ultimately, they ask their “friend” to lend them the money by wire transfer.

4. You’ve won money

Have you received an email informing you that you’ve won a lottery or a cash prize, yet you don’t remember entering? It’s likely a scam.

Victims are asked to transfer funds to cover the processing fees or tax for the winnings. After sending the money transfer, the victim never receives their “prize”.

Victims of this scam may also receive a cheque in the post for their winnings, requesting money for the fees or taxes. The cheque will later bounce.

5. A charitable cause

Unfortunately, many scammers know no limits when preying on the emotions of good people. If you receive a letter, email or phone call from a charity requesting a donation by money transfer, then do your research.

Contact the charity directly before parting with any money, as it could be a scam.

6. Employment offers

Another common scam involves con artists advertising (or emailing about) job opportunities that sound too good to be true.

Once someone applies for the job and gets “hired”, the scammer sends them a cheque to pay for the job supplies. The cheque later bounces, leaving the victim out of pocket. You may also be asked to send money to cover the cost of recruitment fees or credit checks.

7. Someone needs urgent help

If you receive an urgent email, letter, or phone call from a stranger who needs help, then is on your guard. Some of the stories may sound quite convincing, while others are more farfetched. Some common ones to look out for include:

  • Stranded travellers that need money to get home.
  • Requests from “Nigerian royalty” to help them to recover huge sums of money of which you’ll receive a portion.
  • Money requests from people claiming to be long lost relatives of yours

Share this information with all love ones and comment your questions and suggestions on money transfer scam in Ghana below! Latest Money transfer scams in Ghana


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