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Make GHS100 A Day with Smartphone In Ghana

Are you looking for a A simple way to make 100 Ghana cedis with your smartphone in a day?   Worry less!  here is a detailed information that will guide you to make your first GHS100 in a day just with your smartphones.

Here is  the amount generated using Smartphone ingested

Make GHS100 A Day with Smartphone In Ghana

As days pass by, the use of technology increases,  making money online has become much simpler, from the comfort of your home, your office, your class or even in your washroom you can start making passive income online. Countries are competing keenly to dominate the online money generation industry.

Watch my findings for competing countries in online revenue generation below 2020

Make GHS100 A Day with Smartphone In Ghana

Previously lots of Ghanaian youth feel making money online is just not possible in Ghana until recent Breakout of blogging which came as an easy way to make money online, however from my research and analysis it is possible to make GHS100 with your smartphone right here in Ghana in a day.

In this post, I have explored three major ways that you can make hundred Ghana cedis online in a day and I’ll be sharing them with you.  These methods require no technical knowledge all you need is to have a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop,  you need an internet connection and a little time to spare.

Ways To Make GHS100 A Day with Smartphone In Ghana

  1. Betting
  2. Jumia affiliate
  3. Forex trading

1. Sports betting

It is really easy to make Ghs100 online in a day is through Sports betting.

 This is not new and it has already dominated the online money making choices in Ghana. With your smartphone and a little investment you can make GHS100 in a day without a problem.

 Visit any of the sport betting Platforms to create an account. deposit as little as 1GHS and you stand a chance to make GHS100 instantly. All you have to do is to look through the games available for that day make some choices, wait for the results of the game. If you are naturally lucky then your chances of making GHS100 a day are higher.  To make this easy for you, below are some websites and apps that can help you with the selection of games that can actually make you a hundred Ghana cedis in a day. visit this website and apps to get any sport betting tips that will definitely come out to be positive and help you make GHS1 in day.

 2. Forex Trading

Another cool way of making GHS100 in a day is through forex trading,  this is nothing new as it has been in the system for a while now.  so what is forex trading, Forex trading is simply predicting The Rise and Fall of exchange rates between two currencies. once your prediction is right you get paid. it almost like betting but with currencies exchange rates.

For a clearer understanding watch the video below!

Make GHS100 A Day with Smartphone In Ghana

Forex Trading Platforms to start Using

 3. Jumia affiliate

 Sell products that you don’t own and make money out of it,  affiliate marketing has been in the system for a while and it appears it is just too difficult for Ghanaian youth to make money with it.   Jumia affiliate is one of the easiest affiliate marketing platforms in Ghana, you can start making GHS100 within a day with the platform.   Sign up for Jumia affiliate and get tons of products to promote and earn commissions when products you promote are purchased.  To do this just visit JUMIA affiliate, create an account for yourself, walk through the tutorials which are easy to follow and start making money right away.

Make GHS100 A Day with Smartphone In Ghana

Payment methods include mobile money, making the platform easier to work with. Below is my payment information

Make GHS100 A Day with Smartphone In Ghana

How Does the Platform Work?

  • Register for free and get approved the next day.
  • Advertise using our wide range of banners, our feed or our deeplink generator
  • Earn a commission up to 13%, on all orders a customer makes within 7 days from clicking on your ad.
  • Use our comprehensive reporting tools to analyze and optimize your performance for a higher return.

Below are Some testimonies from Jumia affiliate partners

 48 hours after joining Jumia’s Affiliate Program, I was already prepared to quit my fulltime job. 

– Ahmad Yasser

A few months ago I joined Jumia’s Affiliate Program. I didn’t know anything about affiliate business. The supportive team at Jumia helped me get started until I was able to start making money.– Khaled Omar

I’m building new websites every week to increase my reach so that I can double what I’m already making with Jumia.– Seif Tarek


With this process explained above, you can Make GHS100 A Day with Smartphone In Ghana without any problem. comment on your problems and opinions below!


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