Dominion who is a 12-year-old JHS student has allegedly impregnated his school teacher. Dominion’s parents died 10 years ago in a plane crash. They were going to a business meeting when it happened.

As a result of this, Dominion stayed with his wicked uncle, Jackson who took up the responsibility to take care of him.

He is such a heartless man that people believed that his heartlessness was the reason why he wasn’t able to give birth to a child of his own.

He was always beaten, scolded and punished. He was just living a worst life compared to a houseboy and didn’t receive any love from his uncle.

As time went by, they put Dominion in a government school, not necessarily that they wanted him to be educated and become something in life but because they wanted him to learn mathematics to help them in trading

This was because his female form teacher took interest in him, she liked him so much and she always showed him, love,

She bought him things during the break period and the boy was now fond of her…

This was how it all began….

These two started growing their love towards a s.3.xual perspective

It was the teacher’s plan all this while…

So, one day, after school

The teacher held him back and told him that she wanted to teach him something

The woman undressed in front of the JHS1 student, The innocent boy was confused at first, but he kind of enjoyed the sight of her nakedness.

Before he knew what was happening, he discovered he wasn’t putting on any clothes.

Both were standing without clothes in the room but the boy was kind of shy and didn’t understand what was happening.

As it may be, the teacher-led him into having s.3.x with her.

They thought it had all ended and nothing would be heard or noticed.

But after a while, the teacher fell sick and went to the hospital for a check-up, she was told by the doctor that she was 2 weeks pregnant.


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