Who is Emily Dickinson ? Biography, Husband, Career, Net Worth


An Emily Dickinson biography will give you a glimpse into the life of this passionate and complex American poet. The writer spent days at home, creating poems in her private home, and was ambivalent about publishing her work. Yet, despite her self-imposed seclusion, Dickinson created 1,789 poems, many of which are still considered classics today.

These Fevered Days by Martha Ackmann unravels the mystery surrounding Dickinson’s life, taking you with her through religious crisis, frenzy of composition, and possible blindness.


Emily Dickinson’s childhood

The first article that discusses Emily Dickinson’s childhood is entitled “A Child’s Recollection of Emily Dickinson.” The author claims that Emily did not read Whitman or other writers of that era.

However, she did read Thomas Carlyle, Charles Darwin, Matthew Arnold, the Bible, and Shakespeare. Her poetry is one of the most popular works of American literature. However, there are some myths surrounding the author’s childhood.


Emily Dickinson poetry

The first of her works, The Scarlet Letter, is perhaps the most famous poem in this poet’s body of work. A comprehensive biography of this American poet will provide a clear picture of her work and how important she was to American literature.

Emily Dickinson relationships

One of the mysteries of Emily Dickinson’s life is her relationships. There are three major ones: the relationship with her brother, Austin Dickinson, and the one with Sue. Neither of them had sexual relations, but their friendship and devotion to one another is undeniable.

Dickinson amplified both of these relationships, creating a compelling love triangle. Sue and Austin Dickinson had a very complicated relationship, but their affection for each other is undeniable

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