Who is Elizabeth Barrett Browning? Biography, Husband, Career, Net Worth, Cause Of Death.


In the event that you are seeking information about a well-known poet, Elizabeth Barrett Browning biography will come in handy. She was a very popular poet both in Britain and in the United States during her lifetime.

Below you will find the essential information you need to understand Browning’s life and writing. You can also get more information about her poems by checking out her website. The following are a few of the best biography books about Elizabeth Barrett Browning.


Elizabeth Barrett Browning Biography

An Elizabeth Barrett Browning biography will give you an idea of this famous English poet’s life and career. The author was a popular figure in Britain and the United States during her lifetime.


While many of her poems are scathing, you may find some of her poetry to be enlightening. In addition to poetry, Browning also wrote fiction. Her biography can help you understand her work and how she influenced other writers.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s childhood was spent on the 500-acre estate Hope End near Malvern Hills. She spent much of her time at home with her eleven siblings, visiting their friends, and organizing theatrical productions.

Her family had accumulated a large fortune through sugar plantations in Jamaica. When she was twelve, her mother passed away and her father was forced to sell Hope End. Her father had a great deal of trouble with his finances, and he had to sell the estate to pay his bills.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning Career

Elizabeth Barrett was considered the greatest poet in English history. Her work addressed a range of social and political issues, and her writings influenced many of her contemporaries. She championed the oppressed, influenced by her brother Edward.

She developed a lyrical gift and experimented with metre and rhyme throughout her life. Her poems were popular with readers and critics and are among the most famous and enduring works of literature.

Sonnets from the Portuguese

The beauty and richness of Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s sonnets can be found in the “Sonnets from the Portuguese.” The title sounds as though the poems were written by a Portuguese poet, but this is just a little in-joke on the part of Browning, who wrote the poems all by herself. Browning’s sonnets blend a woman’s nature with her strong and brilliant mind.

In her poem “The Cry of the Children,” which first appeared in Blackwood’s magazine in 1899, Browning wrote in the voice of a black female slave. The poem focuses on the plight of these children in capitalist society.

Even though Barrett was an upper middle-class woman and an unmarried woman, she shows her concern for human rights by writing this poem. While her father was against abolitionist activism, she fought for it with her poem.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning Life in Italy

While living in Florence, Browning developed a passionate interest in Italian politics. While in Florence, she wrote “A Meditation in Tuscany” which she sent to Blackwood’s, but was declined. The book later came back to her, but not before it became the first part of Casa Guidi Windows.

The book tells the story of political events from the viewpoint of the great stone palace in Florence, where the Browning family lived.

In Italy, Barrett Browning began to follow the political events of the winter of 1860-1861. The people of Naples and Sicily voted to join the new kingdom of Victor Emmanuel.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning Cause Of Death

Then, in early 1861, most Italian states became one. Barrett Browning felt that her faith in Italian leaders was well-founded. She had been suffering from weak lungs and heart, and her obsession with Italian politics affected her physical health leading to her death.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning Net Worth

Elizabeth Barrett Browning had an estimated net worth of $6 million

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